– High Priority – Game Art
Founder & owner
Jan 2017 to present

– Freelance 3D Artist
3D artist with a specialty in game art.
May 2011 to present

– Media Monks
Senior and often lead 3D artist for the Media Monks games department. Smaller projects, weeks to months, mostly client assignments. Advertising games, websites, mobiles games. Many high­profile brands.
May 2015 to December 2016

– Sanoma / Disney [Freelance]
Modeling in-game environments and the main city landscape for the title, Duckworld Adventures. Deciding the environmental art style and helping plan the project for the art team.
March 2014 to may 2015

Modeling in-game units and props for the title, March of War. Helping improve the art style and in-game assets. Cleaning up source files and assisting with outsourcing. In general, when it came to anything that had to do with art, I was involved.
October 2012 / December 2013

– Virtual Fairground B.V.
Creating and helping with flash based, social MMO’s. Mostly worked on props, items and environments. Both the art phase and editor phase (in-house flash editors). Also done minor character modelling and 3D concepts.
April 2010 / May 2011

– Flash Game Development [Freelance]
Creating small browser games with a team of 3 to 4 people.
Selling them to international flash portals.
Okt 2007 / April 2010

– Takayama Katachi Stage and Design Division B.V.
Creating a set of 3D animations for their website and helping with general 3D art for promotion materials and festivals.
Jun 2006 / Aug 2006


– 3D Motive
– CG Workshops
Modern Game Art: Weapons (Jonathan Rush)

– QANTM College Amsterdam
Animation major
Nov 2006 / April 2009

– DPI Animation House (Internship of Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam)
3D architecture and 2D render editing.
Jan 2005 / Aug 2005

– Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam
MBO Games & Animation
Sept 2002 / Sept 2006

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Titles Worked on

Google Tango logo

Google Tango Rainforest
Company: Media Monks
Client: Google Zoo
Tasks: 3D art lead

Malibu Boats logo

Malibu Boats Customizer
Company: Media Monks
Client: Malibu Boats
Tasks: Boats and Materials

Toyota logo

Toyota VR Experience
Company: Media Monks
Client: S&S / Toyota
Tasks: Environments and Props

Jeep logo

Jeep Ride
Company: Media Monks
Client: Jeep
Tasks: Vehicles

Google Tango logo

Google Tango New User Experience
Company: Media Monks
Client: Google
Tasks: 3D art lead

Dell Play Through logo

Dell Play Through
Company: Media Monks
Client: Dell
Tasks: 3D Environments and Props


Lego Nexo Knights Store Game
Company: Media Monks
Client: Lego
Tasks: 3D art lead


Qrazy Mania
Company: Media Monks
Client: tus
Tasks: Character textures


Star Wars Share the Force
Company: Media Monks
Client: Target.com
Tasks: Low poly constellations

Logo DuckWorld_rood_gestapeld

Duckworld Adventures
Company: Sanoma
Client: Disney
Tasks: Environments and main city

March of War
Company: ISOTX
Tasks: Modeling units and props.

Casino Social Gambling Game
Company: Freelance
Client: Gamundo
Tasks: Environments

Panzer Pets
Company: Gamundo
Tasks: Environments, spider-bot

Eccky (3D pre-render version)
Company: Gamundo
Client: Eccky
Tasks: Environments

Hero World
Company: Virtual Fairground
Client: Activision
Tasks: Environments

Perfect Earth
Company: Virtual Fairground
Tasks: Environments, character modeling

Wizard Academy
Company: Virtual Fairground
Tasks: Environments

Club Galactik
Company: Virtual Fairground
Client: Alphanim
Tasks: props, items, fixing art bugs, a bit of everything

Deloitte v2
Company: Virtual Fairground
Client: Deloitte
Tasks: Environments, props

Various Small flash games
Company: Freelance
Client: BeefJack Studios, 2Games.com, others
Tasks: Art

Angular Momentum
Company: Freelance
Client: Gimme5Games
Tasks: Art & code


Advanced understanding:
– The Foundry Modo
– Autodesk 3D Studio Max
– Autodesk Maya
– Adobe Photoshop
– Substance Painter
– Unity
– Quixel SUITE
– Marmoset Toolbag
– xNormal
– Sony Vegas

Good understanding:
– Substance Designer
– Pixologic Zbrush
– Unreal 4
– Adobe Package
– Chaos Group V-ray


­Media Monks B.V.
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1211 PA Hilversum
The Netherlands

– Sanoma Media Netherlands B.V.
Capellalaan 65
2132 JL Hoofddorp
The Netherlands

Neude 4
3512AD Utrecht
The Netherlands
+31 (0)30 204 0226

– Virtual Fairground B.V.
Rietlandpark 301
1019DW Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31 20 4229 922

– Takayama Katachi Stage and Design Division B.V.
Boezemweg 16
3255 MC Oude Tonge
The Netherlands
+31 (0)187 64 12 14

– QANTM College
Johan van Hasseltweg 31
1021 KN Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31 (0)20 4 350 650

– DPI Animation house
Dr Lelykade 56
2583 CM The Hague
The Netherlands
+32 (0)70 346 06 79

– Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam
Heer Bokelweg 255
3032 AD Rotterdam
The Netherlands
+31 (0)10 880 25 00