Downloads of some of my models for study and reference. Including mesh and high resolution textures.

Download M4 CQB model files Download Seashell Weapon model files Download Star Wars Helmet model files Download Flintlock model files


Flintlock Rifle Breakdown

Online Resources – Great quality HDRI maps. – A classic if you need textures. – Materials, Models, HDRI’s & Brushes

Quixel Megascans – High quality material scans.


Lightshot – The best screenshot tool out there.

SageThumbs – PSD & TGA thumbnails for windows.

BetterFileRename – Easy to use file renamer.

Hemingway Editor – A spellchecker, but for style.

Inspiration Boards

Images by other artists that bring inspiration. Collected in Pinterest.

Weapons inspiration board Vehicles inspiration board Military inspiration board Material inspiration board
Environment inspiration board Design inspiration board Color inspiration board Character inspiration board