Media Monks

Projects done at Media Monks. One of the most fun and best creative agencies out there. As a Senior 3D Artist I had many opportunities to have a leading role during art phases. Not only working on games, but also on VR/AR, branding and experiences.

Media Monks logo

Target: Share the Force – Star Wars

An interactive WebGL experience showcasing an immersive galaxy of Star Wars fan memories, captures the cultural impact of the saga across multiple generations and shows fans how we are all connected by the Force.

Star Wars logo

Google Tango

Using Google Tango’s 3D positioning point cloud technology, users explore a fully 3D AR experience on the prototype Google Tango device . Showcasing a growing world that interacts with the users position within his real-world surroundings.

Qrazy Mania

Mobile game for a Slovenian advertising campaign done by Tus. Qrazy Mania on

Robert Berrier - 3D artist - Qrazy Mania
Robert Berrier - 3D artist - Qrazy Mania rear

Perrier – Vines campaign

Creation and animation of growing Perrier plants. Finding Perrier soft drink cans inside the flowers.


Jeep Surf web game

Creation and optimization of classic Jeep models

Jeep logo

Toyota Camry

Highly optimized and hand painted vehicle model for the Toyota Camry.

Toyota logo

Malibu & AXIS boat configurator

Boat configurators for the Malibu and AXIS boat line.

Malibu configurator.

Axis configurator.

Malibu Boats logo

Sirin Phone

Highly optimized model for the new Sirin Labs mobile device reveal webGL site.

Reveal video – YouTube

Adidas Shirts

Highly optimized models for Adidas team branding. WebGL application to showcase branding in a 3D viewer.

RobertBerrier 2016 Media Monks -AdidasShirts

Dell Play Through

DELL transformed downtown Austin, Texas into a 9-hole golf course – played in street view and designed with the help of social data.

Players teed off and explored the best of downtown Austin, based on real-time Foursquare recommendations. Austin’s most popular cafes, restaurants and landmarks became fairways, hazards and greens. The teaser video featuring Golf Channel host Matt Ginella kicked off an online and social media campaign.

My task: Creating and supporting the golf course 3D models, that fit the actual streets of Austin, Texas.

Dell – Play Through – Golf the City

Case Film


Media Monks Mix Tapes & Reels:

Crafted with care, coded by coffee, celebrated with champagne.