WWF: Into The Wild

Into the Wild is a mixed reality experience that transformed over 10,000 square feet of the Singapore Art Science Museum into a virtual, interactive rain forest. The aim is to use the power of mixed reality and cutting edge technology to help people in Singapore experience first-hand the devastating effects of deforestation and learn more about some of the region’s most endangered species. Using the latest Google Tango technology and Lenovo Phab 2 Pro, the experience is designed so that visitors would follow a loose narrative playing the role of a park ranger whose role is to keep forest safe. The app tracks motion and understands depth, distance traveled and objects inside the museum-turned-rainforest. And at the end of the experience, Into the Wild becomes a reality when the virtual tree that people can plant as a symbolic act becomes a real tree donated to the Rimbang Baling rainforest (home of the endangered Sumatran tiger) with the help of a donation.

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Spikes Asia 2107 – Grand Prix winner!

!! Awarded Grand Prix 2017 at Spikes Asia for best mobile creative production !!

Spikes Asia 2017 Grand Prix winner


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