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poly limits and art styles!

Most honest, clear
& competent process

Excellent understanding of game development

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Bringing over 10 years of experience to this grand creative world

After being active in many 3D specialties, I decided to focus on real-time 3D game art, specializing in asset and environment creation. Learning from teams and projects along the way, I have grown a strong foundation to guide and complete any project. Even though it wasn’t easy getting here, I have learned much from an artist point of view as well as from the management and client’s point of view.


  • Environment & Asset creation
  • Low & High poly modeling
  • Hard surface & Digital sculpting

  • Team & art management
  • Real-time game art
  • Unity & Unreal 4

  • Modo, Maya & 3Ds Max
  • Pixologic Zbrush
  • Substance Painter & Quixel Suite

I know the pain of hiring freelancers

Having done both internal and external art management and QA. Even I, the most relaxed guy on earth, got sick of this. So yea, I know how it is to hire freelancers, working with them and doing quality assurance on their work.

For example:
– Even though you asked, they don’t read your workflow documents.
– They don’t give timely reports on progress with proof.
– Not listening to feedback so you need to do it yourself.
– Not delivering with structure and naming conventions.

This is why I focus on a clear and structured process. Built from experience and competency. A process that ensures a smooth collaboration with a clean end result. This process will support us in both communication, production and finding the scope that you need.

Delivery with standards

With an excellent understanding of game development and it’s pitfalls, I know where things can go wrong. Keeping a clear communication channel is key, so I know what is required and you know where I am at. Reducing micro management as a result. Giving us both the best collaboration, while finding the optimal result that fits within the limits of the scope.

If you need assistance with art, either external production, or advice.
Head over to the Contact page to reach.

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+31 6 52308591